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Read what the Yarn Twins are saying about fauxchét® at! These talented twins have been stitching up a storm, fauxchéting everything from dish cloths to funky rugs with the easyloop® fauxchét® tool and they’re generously sharing their original fauxchét patterns on their website. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

crochet cover and fauxchet



Check out the Autumn 2013 issue of Crochet! Magazine for “Crochet in-the-News” and a review on fauxchét® and the easyloop® yarn tool by Edie Eckman. This talented crochet designer knows her stitches and we always enjoy hearing what she has to say about the newest yarn crafting products!


  • Fun hobby for college students, the easyloop® tool is portable!

Posted by Heidi Bielenberg, UNC Wilmington College Student on 10th August 2014

When my friends started fauxchéting at college I wanted to join the crowd. I love how I can take a fauxchét® project with me and watch the videos on my laptop or even my smart phone! I’ve been seen working on a scarf in between studying for exams . . . it helps me chill out and be crafty.

  • Fauxchét® helps college stress

Posted by Ellen Boone, Southern Vermont College Student on 13th August 2014

Fauxchét® is a great hobby to do at college. Making things is fun and a good way to relieve the stress of studying and now that I’ve graduated and am a registered nurse I think I will recommend it to my patients to help pass the time while recovering at home or in the hospital.

  • my friend loves it

Posted by Hannah, Southern Vermont College Student on 14th August 2014

I gave this yarn tool to a friend at college who has been wanting to learn to knit. She said the tool was easy to use and she started making stuff right away. I don’t think she’ll be learning to knit anytime soon, she’s hooked on fauxchét®. She gave me a scarf and I love that she made it especially for me.

  • Fauxchét® pairs great with knitting

Posted by Missy on 15th August 2014

If you’re a knitter you know stockinette stitch curls. I add a fauxchét® edge which helps stop the curling and makes the project look more finished. The technique is easy.

  • Ease of fauxchéting

Posted by Courtney Elizabeth, Wrightsville Beach NC on 18th August 2014

I’m a multi-media artist who likes to use yarn in unique ways. I found the easyloop® fauxchét® tool to be easy to use. I love crafts and yarn but I’ve never been able to use a crochet hook. I was excited when I found a tool that does crochet in a different way.

  • A hip new way to crochet!

Posted by Gail Blackwell on 20th August 2014

Haven’t used this product yet, but I am excited to try it. I love crochet and knitting and I know I will love this just as much. I can’t resist anything to do with yarn.

  • helps my chronic pain

Posted by Karen Brigham, Montpelier VT on 22nd August 2014

I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and am in pain for much of my day. Like while I’m drawing or painting, with fauxchét® I am able to take my mind off my pain for periods of time, increasing my quality of life. I think engaging in a craft or hobby like fauxchét® can benefit many types of chronic pain.

  • At last a solution for my arthritis!

Posted by Jan Hughes on 24th August 2014

I’m a total crochet addict but due to chronic arthritic pain I am only able to crochet for short periods of time. I wasn’t sure what this was going to be and I was glad to find out that this tool doesn’t hurt my hands. I can stitch for hours! I can even use some of my favorite crochet patterns.

  • fauxchét® helped me quit smoking

Posted by Kennita Stiller on 27th August 2014

I took up fauxchét® while quitting smoking and keeping my hands busy with the easyloop® tool contributed to my success. Fauxchét® is so addicting, I wasn’t thinking about cigarettes because I didn’t want to put my stitching down!

  • new yarn tool does crochet

Posted by Kelly Walker, Boulder CO on 28th August 2014

I saw this tool at Hobby Lobby. It looks different than anything I’ve seen before and since I’m a multi-crafter I think it will be a good gadget for me to try. I’ll be able to do many tasks with one tool. I love the look of crochet and can’t wait to try my first fauxchét® pattern.

  • easyloop® is more than i thought it was

Posted by Sheila Smith on 30th August 2014

I make knitted pillows and I bought this tool to sew the seams. I’ve never been able to sew a perfect seam until now. Thanks to the fauxchét® technique my production is more efficient and the quality of my pillows is better than before. Sometimes it’s one simple tool that makes all the difference.

  • fauxchét® for rug crafting is amazing

Posted by Rose Phelps on 1st September 2014

I’m a latch hooker and when I’m traveling I like to use the easyloop® fauxchét® tool for making my rugs. I also like to do fauxchét® edgings around my latch hooked rugs. Anyone who makes rugs should try this tool. Thank you for a handy tool.