Rug Crafting

sunflowerIf you like Latch Hooking, Locker Hooking, Rug Punching or Plastic Canvas you’ll love Fauxchét® on Canvas! Stitch on blank or printed latch hook canvas and non-slip rug pad with worsted and bulky yarns directly from the skein, no pre-cut rug yarn needed! Add a unique fauxchét® edging to the canvas with yarn, at the start of your project . . . no rug binding needed. Make loopy rugs, pillows and purses and combine fauxchét® on canvas with other canvas crafts.


Fauxchét® Edge Stitch on Latch Hook Canvas Video.

Fauxchét® Loop Stitch on Latch Hook Canvas Video.

Stitching on latch hook canvas with the easyloop® tool and worsted or bulky yarns from the skein is easy. Use a “stitch by color” technique and simply fill in the canvas holes with yarns that match the colors of your printed canvas or charted design.

The time-saving  fauxchét® on canvas edging technique lets you finish the edges first with yarn . . . before you stitch on the surface. No sewn or glued-on rug binding needed!