IMG_4219Fauxchét® Hoop Earrings

Skill level: Beginner

Finished size: One size

Yarn: Less than .25 oz. worsted 100% cotton yarn (a very small amount of yarn is needed) Color Green (A)

Yarn Tool: easyloop® fauxchet® yarn tool

Extras: Two 2 1/2 inch inexpensive hoop earrings.

Tool tension: Pull the easyloop® yarn tool needle back 1 inch and push needle into loop 1 inch.

Gauge: Gauge isn’t critical for this project.


Visit for how-to videos of the stitches used in this pattern.


To begin: Begin by threading the easyloop® yarn tool with YARN A. After threading tool, pull yarn so there is 6 inches of yarn between needle tip and yarn end.

IMG_2823Hoops (Make 2) Row/Round 1: With YARN A, insert tool into the center of a 2 1/2 inch hoop earring (as in the SINGLE FAUXCHET® EDGING technique taught in The Art of Fauxchet® E-Book) and create 1 SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCH, pulling on the yarn end to tighten (securing the stitch to the hoop).


Create 29 more SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCHES into the center of the hoop, for a total of 30 SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCHES. At the end of row/round, fasten off with 1 extra chain stitch into the last stitch you made. Cut yarn, leaving a 3 inch tail of yarn at ends.


Finishing: Cut yarn, pull end to tighten. Weave ends in with the easyloop® yarn tool and the weaving technique.

Note: Technically you will be working from the wrong side of the finished hoops while stitching, though both sides of the SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCH are beautiful.

The fauxchét® hoop earrings are made with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool. The basic stitches and techniques can be learned in The Art of Fauxchét® E-Book. A link to download the E-BOOK, our how-to videos, and a written instruction booklet to get you started (with easy scarf patterns) are included with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool.