pom pom flip flops finalToe-tally Cool Fauxchét® Flip Flops

Skill level: Beginner

Finished size: One size

Yarn: Two .35 oz. Mini-Skeins Metallic Sport Weight Yarn (A), Red (or color to coordinate with your flip flops). We chose Lion Brand Bonbons yarn that is available in a variety of colors.

Yarn Tool: easyloop® fauxchet® yarn tool

Extra Tools: Pom Pom Maker (or use old fashioned cardboard method for Pom Poms).

IMG_4791Extras: One Pair Plastic Flip Flops in Red (From $1 Store). NOTE: Our flip flops are a LADIES SIZE 8; You will need to adjust the number of stitches you make around the flip flop straps depending on the size of your flip flops. Make more or less stitches than called for in this pattern to cover the flip flop straps you are working with.

Yarn Tool tension: Pull the easyloop® yarn tool needle back 1 inch and push needle into loop 1 inch (or as needed to create edge stitches large enough to cover the flip flop straps). Gauge isn’t critical for this project.


Visit www.fauxchet.com for how-to videos of the stitches used in this pattern.


To begin: Begin by threading the easyloop® yarn tool with a DOUBLE STRAND OF YARN A. After threading tool, pull yarn so there is 6 inches of yarn between needle tip and yarn end.

pom poms with toolFlip Flops (Make 2): With tool threaded with a double strand of YARN A, insert tool under flip flop strap. Create 1 SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCH, pulling on the yarn end to tighten (securing the stitch to the strap). NOTE: For both the left and right flip flops begin stitching on the right hand side of the straps and stitch around the straps in a counter clockwise direction). NOTE: When stitching with a double strand of  yarn hold the strands together as if they were one.

The SINGLE FAUXCHET® EDGING technique is taught in the FREE Art of Fauxchet® E-Book. You can also see the fauxchét® edge stitch in this video showing the edge stitch on canvas being used around the edges of latch hook canvas.

Create 79 more SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCHES under the flip flop strap for a total of 80 SINGLE FAUXCHET® STITCHES to completely cover the strap. NOTE: After 40 stitches you will have reached the halfway point. When reaching the TOE SEPARATER, simply stitch around it (continuing with the same strand of yarn) and stitch the remaining 40 stitches around the flip flop strap on the other side. At the end, fasten off with 1 extra chain stitch into the last stitch you made. Cut yarn, leaving a 3 inch tail of yarn at ends.

pom poms 3Finishing: Pull yarn end to tighten. Weave ends in with the easyloop® tool and the weaving technique.

Pom Pom Embellishment: Make Two 1 1/2 inch Pom Poms (using 2 strands of YARN A when wrapping yarn around Pom Pom maker). Leave 6 inches of yarn at ends of Pom Pom.

Attaching Pom Poms to Flip Flops: Using the yarn at the ends of the finished Pom Poms, secure the Pom Poms to the top of the flip flops with a double knot. To finish, weave yarn ends in with the easyloop® yarn tool and the weaving technique.

newest-product-shot-jet-service-styleThe fauxchét® pom pom flip flops are made with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool. The basic stitches and techniques can be learned in The Art of Fauxchét® E-Book. A link to download the E-BOOK, our how-to videos, and a written instruction booklet to get you started (with easy scarf patterns) are included with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool.