Fauxchét® Fringed Earrings

Skill level: Beginner

Finished Size: One size (5″ long)

Yarn: Two Mini-Skeins of .35 oz. Sport Weight Yarn (with a touch of metallic) (A) Purple. We chose Lion Brand Bonbons yarn; 20 feet of ladder yarn (B) Purple/Pink.

Yarn Tool: easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool

Extras: 2 one inch plastic craft hoops; 2 pierced earring findings.

Easyloop® Yarn Tool Tension: With easyloop® yarn tool, PULL NEEDLE BACK 1 inch and PUSH NEEDLE INTO LOOP 1 inch.

Gauge: Gauge isn’t critical for this project.

Special Techniques: Using 2 strands of yarn held together as one.

Stitches Used: SINGLE FAUXCHÉT® EDGE STITCH (using 2 strands of yarn, held together as one).

Visit www.fauxchet.com for how-to videos of the stitches used in this pattern.

Fringed Earrings (Make 2)

To Begin: With the easyloop® tool threaded with a double strand of yarn A (for a total of 2 strands of yarn held together) insert yarn tool into the center of the plastic craft ring and create 1 single fauxchét® stitch (attaching the stitch to the plastic ring).

Ring (Make 2): With a plastic ring in one hand create 19 more single fauxchét® edge stitches into the center of the plastic ring (for a total of 20 single fauxchét® stitches). End work by creating 1 more chain stitch into the last stitch.

Finishing: Cut yarn, leaving 6 inches of length and pull end to tighten. Weave loose yarn ends in to conceal.

Fringe (Make 6 fringed sections): Create 6 sections of fringe using the following for each fringe section: Four 12″ long strands of yarn B and one 12″ long (double strand) of yarn A. Attach fringe to the bottom center of each ring (placing the fringe into 3 stitches next to each other). Hold together the strands of yarn and fold in half. Insert the folded yarn strands through the stitch on the finished ring, and pull the cut end of the yarn strands through the folded loop. Pull the yarn ends to tighten using a traditional fringe-attaching method. Do this 3 times for each finished ring. Trim the fringed ends evenly to 4 inches in length (or shorter if desired).

Assembly: Attach the finished earrings to the earring finding by attaching the loop of the finding to the top center stitch of the earrings. ♦

The fringed earrings are made with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool. The basic stitches and techniques can be learned in The Art of Fauxchét® E-Book. A link to download the E-BOOK, our how-to videos, and a written instruction booklet to get you started (with easy scarf patterns) are included with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool.