•   Fun hobby for college students, the easyloop® tool is portable!

Posted by Heidi Bielenberg, UNC Wilmington College Student on 10th August 2014

When my friends started fauxchéting at college I wanted to join the crowd. I love how I can take a fauxchét® project with me and watch the videos on my laptop or even my smart phone! I’ve been seen working on a scarf in between studying for exams . . .  it helps me chill out and be crafty.

  •   Fauxchét® helps college stress

Posted by Ellen Boone, Southern Vermont College Student on 13th August 2014

Fauxchét® is a great hobby to do at college. Making things is fun and a good way to relieve the stress of studying and now that I’ve graduated and am a registered nurse I think I will recommend it to my patients to help pass the time while recovering at home or in the hospital.

  •   my friend loves it

Posted by Hannah, Southern Vermont College Student on 14th August 2014

I gave this yarn tool to a friend at college who has been wanting to learn to knit. She said the tool was easy to use and she started making stuff right away. I don’t think she’ll be learning to knit anytime soon, she’s hooked on fauxchét®. She gave me a scarf and I love that she made it especially for me.

  •   Fauxchét® pairs great with knitting

Posted by Missy on 15th August 2014

If you’re a knitter you know stockinette stitch curls. I add a fauxchét® edge which helps stop the curling and makes the project look more finished. The technique is easy.

  •   Ease of fauxchéting  

Posted by Courtney Elizabeth, Wrightsville Beach NC on 18th August 2014

I’m a multi-media artist who likes to use yarn in unique ways. I found the easyloop® fauxchét® tool to be easy to use. I love crafts and yarn but I’ve never been able to use a crochet hook. I was excited when I found a tool that does crochet in a different way.

  •   A hip new way to crochet!

Posted by Gail Blackwell on 20th August 2014

Haven’t used this product yet, but I am excited to try it. I love crochet and knitting and I know I will love this just as much. I can’t resist anything to do with yarn.

  •   helps my chronic pain

Posted by Karen Brigham, Montpelier VT on 22nd August 2014

I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and am in pain for much of my day. Like while I’m drawing or painting, with fauxchét® I am able to take my mind off my pain for periods of time, increasing my quality of life. I think engaging in a craft or hobby like fauxchét® can benefit many types of chronic pain.

  •   At last a solution for my arthritis!

Posted by Jan Hughes on 24th August 2014

I’m a total crochet addict but due to chronic arthritic pain I am only able to crochet for short periods of time. I wasn’t sure what this was going to be and I was glad to find out that this tool doesn’t hurt my hands. I can stitch for hours! I can even use some of my favorite crochet patterns.

  •   fauxchét® helped me quit smoking

Posted by Kennita Stiller on 27th August 2014

I took up fauxchét® while quitting smoking and keeping my hands busy with the easyloop® tool contributed to my success. Fauxchét® is so addicting, I wasn’t thinking about cigarettes because I didn’t want to put my stitching down!

  •   new yarn tool does crochet

Posted by Kelly Walker, Boulder CO on 28th August 2014

I saw this tool at Hobby Lobby. It looks different than anything I’ve seen before and since I’m a multi-crafter I think it will be a good gadget for me to try. I’ll be able to do many tasks with one tool. I love the look of crochet and can’t wait to try my first fauxchét® pattern.

  •   easyloop® is more than i thought it was

Posted by Sheila Smith on 30th August 2014

I make knitted pillows and I bought this tool to sew the seams. I’ve never been able to sew a perfect seam until now. Thanks to the fauxchét® technique my production is more efficient and the quality of my pillows is better than before. Sometimes it’s one simple tool that makes all the difference.

  •   fauxchét® for rug crafting is amazing

Posted by Rose Phelps on 1st September 2014

I’m a latch hooker and when I’m traveling I like to use the easyloop® fauxchét® tool for making my rugs. I also like to do fauxchét® edgings around my latch hooked rugs. Anyone who makes rugs should try this tool. Thank you for a handy tool.