Yarn and Canvas

Worsted and Bulky Weight Yarns in a variety of colors and textures will work nicely with the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool. Always test the yarn before purchasing it for a project to be sure the yarn slides easily through the needle eye. Bulky yarns are more easily threaded with the aid of dental floss threaders to pull the yarn end through the needle eye.

Latch Hook Canvas and Non-Slip Rug Canvas both work well with the easyloop® fauxchét® tool. It’s easy to stitch on many pre-printed latch hook canvas designs or to create your own designs by using a “stitch-by-color” method. By choosing yarns from the skein that coordinate with the pre-printed colors of your canvas design your projects will stitch up quickly and easily. MCG Textiles is a great source for canvas in a variety of types and sizes and Hobby Lobby and yarn and craft stores also carry latch hook canvas.