MAY 10, 2013: Vermont Innovative Needlecrafts introduces the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool to yarn and craft stores nationwide. Fauxchét® (pronounced fo-shay) is a modern twist on traditional crochet, it’s crochet with a needle not a hook . . . plus a whole lot more!


Fauxchét® is fast, fun and easy and it’s the perfect complement to traditional knitting and crochet. The easyloop® fauxchét® tool creates a faux-crochet fabric and beading, seaming, edging, top-stitch, loop stitch and embellishing are just a few of the time-saving techniques that are ideal for knitters, crocheters, rug crafters, yarn lovers and fiber artists.

The easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool comes with a QR code for scanning and viewing a movie demo on a Smart Phone featuring the easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool in action! Also includes a written instruction booklet with easy scarf patterns and a download link to The Art of Fauxchét® E-Book and our collection of How-to Videos.

sunflowerThe easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool is also taking rug crafting to a whole new level! Inspired by traditional latch hooking, Fauxchét® on Canvas uses the easyloop® tool, latch hook canvas and a variety of worsted and bulky yarns from the skein! Fauxchét® combines easily with traditional latch hooking and the edging technique saves time and eliminates the need for sewn-on rug binding.

The Fauxchét® E-Book Series is available in digital e-book formats and the books include 64 color pages and hundreds of photos with unique stitches, creative techniques and easy patterns. The Fauxchét® Friends E-Newsletter offers free patterns, ideas and exclusive offers.

Knitters, crocheters, latch hook canvas crafters and fiber artists can combine their traditional needlecrafts with fauxchét® techniques to turn ordinary projects into extraordinary. Be amazed at what one little tool and your creative inspiration can accomplish. Let’s face it, this is not your grandmother’s yarn tool, but it could be!

The easyloop® fauxchét® yarn tool has a suggested retail price of $9.99 and is available at and independent yarn and craft stores.